UGREEN PCI-E 3.0 x16 128Gbps Riser Cable
UGREEN PCI-E 3.0 x16 128Gbps Riser Cable 187.00
UGREEN USB-C to MicroSD Card Reader
UGREEN USB-C to MicroSD Card Reader 84.00

UGREEN USB-C to 3.5 HiFi 20Hz-40kHz 32bit | 384K | DSD64/DSD128 | 16-600Ω Hi-Res DAC






Ugreen Type-C headphone adapter is a Hi-Res certified high-fidelity headphone adapter. The adapter has a built-in DAC decoder chip, which has excellent sound resolution, distortion and noise less than 0.0004%, and has passed high-standard audio certification Hi-Res, showing the original sound quality; the external use aluminum alloy connector + braided wire body and lengthened reinforced mesh tail , Wear-resistance and bending resistance, long-term use like new. One “sound” of love is pure and true.

DAC refers to the conversion of digital signals into analog signals. The Ugreen Type-C headphone adapter uses the fidelity CS43131 decoding chip, which can convert the original digital signal of the mobile phone into a higher-quality analog signal, so that the headphone audio can present the original sound effect; while the ordinary headphone adapter usually only has the conversion of the physical interface , There is no independent DAC audio signal conversion, and there is no improvement in sound quality.


  • Hi-Res certified high-resolution audio

  • DAC decoder chip presents the original sound quality

  • Aluminum alloy joint + braided wire body wear resistance and bending resistance

  • Support headset line control call volume addition and subtraction function

Parameter configuration

Product Name: Hi-Res Type-C Headphone Adapter

Shell: aluminum alloy

Cover: TPE

Core: enameled copper

Length: 10cm

Wire diameter: 5.1mm



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